Well Memphis is always fun but again I did not take home the big prize. Wait till next year !




 David and Phil Rockin' at the Sound Lounge



 UNDER THE SUN is Here and is available at all David and Phil gigs! Check the Calendar.


 During our first trip to Beale we were lucky enough to be interviewed by ABC news in Memphis. If you click on the link you will understand the origins of Over the Moon and its special place in our Blues Hearts :

We came we saw we were on the news.       Memphis20ABC20show.mp4


More Memphis news! David has won the Cascade Blues Association solo duo contest and is headed back to Beale in January. Phil in his infinite wisdom thought better of it an will man the blues front in Oregon. There are Raffle tickets to sell and fundraisers to plan




 David and Phil play the 2014 Muddy Awards





It's an Over the Moon Extravaganza with our biggest supporters !!                                         


This pic is of David and Phil playing at the Lehrer in Portland at the CBA Journey to Memphis challenge.  thank you Matt Hauer









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Under The Sun Brand New Release from David and Phil  Available at all gigs CD Baby and online 

 "Over the Moon" is the first studio collaboration of David and Phil. Just click on the paypal link and receive your copy from our first pressing for only $15 including shipping. Be the first one on your block to own it  

Upcoming Gigs

For all events that David and Phil Play Go to the Kings and Shouters  page    http://www.davidandphil.info/kings_and_shouters/

May 13 Laughing Clam 6 pm

May 14 Art in Bloom Downtown Medford 12 pm

May 20 Josephine County Fairgrounds Benefit 5:30 pm

May 26 Plaisance Ranch 5:30 pm

June 16 Schmidt 5 pm

June 23 Smithfield's Pub 9 pm

June 25 Ashland Blues Fest@Grizzly Peak 1 pm

June 30 Belle Fiore 6 pm

July 4 Waterfront Blues fest Portland

July 6 Bella Union 7 pm

July 7,8 Bella Union 8 pm

July 16 Lake of the Woods Resort 6 pm

July 21 Schmidt Family Vinyard 5 pm

July 22 Smithfields Pub 9 pm

July 23 Bella Fiore 5 pm

July 28 Dancin Winery 5:30

July 29 Caprice Winery 2 pm

August 10 Bella Fiore 6 pm

August 18 Schmidt 5 pm

August 20 Caprice Winery 2 pm

August 25 DanCin 5:30

August 25 Bella Union 8 pm

August 27 Lake of the Woods 6 pm

Sept 7 Belle Fiore 6 pm

Sept 15 Schmidt Winery 5 pm

Sept 23 Caprice 2 pm

Sept 23 Smithfield's Pub 9 pm

Oct 7 Laughing Clam 6pm

Oct 13 Schmidt 5 pm

Oct 19 Bella Union 7 pm

Oct 20,21 Bella Union 8 pm

Oct 22 Belle Fiore 5 pm

Nov 12 Belle Fiore 5 pm

Dec 17 Belle Fiore 5 pm








David and Phil on Public Access TV (Gary Roberts)

Mother in Law Blues

Don't let the Good Time Stop

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